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Characteristics of Sapphire Buffalo

Sapphire Buffalo is an ideal lawn for residential and commercial situations with a deep green colour. Its performance is as good as any other buffalo variety, with the added benefit of a fine texture. A fast grower, it provides quick recovery from wear and tear, excellent winter colour, and a deep root system. It can tolerate 40 - 70% shade. When mature, Sapphire Soft Leaf Buffalo's leaves fold back giving it a much finer appearance than other buffalo varieties.

Sapphire Buffalo is the answer to those part shade, part sunny areas so many homeowners face.
  • Excellent winter colour (provided it is fertilised in Autumn)
  • Thrives in both hot, humid and desert areas
  • Excellent drought tolerance once established
  • Moderate to good shade tolerance
  • Excellent wear resistance with fast recovery
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Ideal for residential and commercial lawns
  • Excellent at out-competing weeds

Characteristics of Greenlees Park Couch

Greenlees Park Couch is a semi-dwarf improved common couch. It is a fine leaf lawn with a medium growth rate. It is classed as a warm season grass and is relatively tolerant to low mowing, forming a dense matt, hence its wide appeal for bowling greens and sports fields. It has a dark colour and will adapt to many areas and semi-arid conditions.

Greenlees Park Couch is suitable for recreational areas, residential homes and is a serviceable and decorative lawn when grown in full sun.

Greenlees Park Couch is excellent for low maintenance areas such as parks, roadsides and high wear, full sun areas.
  • Low maintenance
  • Grows in full sun requiring a minimum of 5 hours sun
  • Forms a very firm surface which will tolerate high wear
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Good density
  • Good colour retention in winter
  • Tolerates low mowing
  • High tolerance to most herbicide
  • Low shade tolerance

Characteristics of Kikuyu

Kikuyu is an economical, hardy, low maintenance lawn, growing vigorously in the summer months. Kikuyu recovers well from wear and tear making it suitable for high traffic areas. Kikuyu has best results in full sun and does not grow well in the shade.

Kikuyu is an easy care, hard wearing grass with a medium texture and yellow-green colour. When well fed and watered and mown regularly it's excellent for large areas. However it can be invasive, and not suitable for small areas.
It keeps its colour in winter but needs to be well fed and watered and mown regularly summer months as it is a fast grower.

Kikuyu is extremely water efficient, salt tolerant and ideal where water use and wear are prime considerations. It has good resistance to disease and weeds. Kikuyu thrives in sunny conditions.
  • Fast growing and hardy
  • Will grow in most soil types
  • Prefers good drainage
  • Excellent for playing fields, schools, footpaths, pre-schools and backyards
  • Very strong grass, soft underfoot
  • Very economical for replacement if turf wears out
  • Good for erosion control

Characteristics of Kenda Kikuyu

Kenda is a form of Kikuya Turf that is growing in popularity due to it's resilience during drought conditions and durability to wear and tear. Another great feature of Kenda is it's vibrant colour all year long. Kenda will stay green and lush, when other varieties of warm season turf tend to discolour during the winter months without alot of water, such as Buffalo and the original Kikuyu.

With Kenda's tolerance to constant impact and drought resistance it is often the variety of turf chosen for commercial requirements such as sports fields, golf courses and parks. The reason that kend is less susceptible to wear and tear than other varieties of turf can be credited to its higher number of rhizones and it's stolens being more vigorous.

In conjunction to Kenda being a great choice for commercial requirements it is also a great addition to a residential front and backyard. Due to it's ability to flourish during drought conditions and handle regular impact, its the perfect choice for growing families with pets.
  • Fast growing and hardy
  • Will grow in most soil types
  • Prefers good drainage
  • Excellent for playing fields, schools, footpaths, pre-schools and backyards
  • Very strong grass, soft underfoot
  • Very economical for replacement if turf wears out
  • Good for erosion control
For more information visit The Kenda Kikuyu Turf Website

Ozbreed Slow Release Fertiliser

Fertiliser is vital to maintain your turf in top condition in the longterm. Slow release fertiliser is a fantastic choice for both commercial and residential use, as it gradually breaks down in the soil to replenish the nutrients your turf needs over an extended period of time, which saves on reapplication.

We supply the Ozbreed range of slow release fertilisers due to the company's innovations in the field of turf growth and development. There are different types of Ozbreed fertilisers available that have been formulated to provide the right nutrients for your turf during different seasons, so when choosing your slow release fertiliser make sure you take this into consideration.

It is well worth investing in Ozbreed as it is a simple and easy to apply and will keep your turf fed throughout the year with the nutrients it requires. Ozbreed was also developed with a no burn formula, so you know your lawn will be safe when using this brand.