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Take the first step towards your new lawn.
Banksia Turf can supply and lay premium quality turf for all domestic, commercial and government applications.

If you're a new homeowner or builder with a blank piece of dirt, Banksia Turf has all the advice you need to ensure you end up with a perfect lawn.

We can help match existing lawns damaged by disease or building works.

Banksia Turf has enough lay crews to ensure landscape contractors working on large developments meet their deadlines.

If you want to lay Banksia Turf yourself, we will supply and deliver your chosen variety to your site in top condition. We also supply complete lawn fertiliser to aid in the establishment of your new lawn.

If you are going to lay the turf yourself, here are some tips to ensure you end up with a great looking lawn.

Preparing the ground

  • Spray the area with a weed killer to remove any unwanted weeds, vegetation or an existing lawn
  • Work organic matter into sandy soils, gypsum into clay soils
  • Ensure you have 100 - 150mm coverage of good soil
  • You may need to import soil to ensure a level lawn
  • Add a complete lawn fertiliser and water storage crystals

Laying the turf

  • Lay the turf in a brick pattern, starting at a straight line; path, driveway or string line
  • Ensure turf is butted together well
  • Roll the turf for a good finish. This beds the turf firmly against the moist soil

Watering the turf

  • Once you've laid and rolled a section, water as soon as possible
  • When all the turf is down, give the whole lawn a thorough watering
  • Water the lawn twice a day over the next two weeks
  • Avoid laying the turf in hot windy weather
Banksia Turf gladly provides advice on turf selection with regard to climatic conditions or use as well as advice site preparation.

If you about to lay turf, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 0419 655 466 and take the first step towards your new lawn.